Instruction for tourists in Afghanistan

The country has seen political and social changes, which requires usto operate in a way to respect the norms and values while making the tour a worthwhile experience for our guests where they feel most welcome.

We present the considerations below for our guests with respect to Afghanistan’s Ministry of Information and Culture recommendations for international tourists. These will help you be prepared and have a wonderful tour in our country:

• You’re responsible for the travel insurance, which should cover any activities you plan to undertake from driving to climbing.
• Make sure to have a photocopy of your passport in case you’re asked to submit it upon arrival or any time during the travel. Meanwhile, make sure to keep and look after your passport while traveling anywhere within the country.
• Keep in contact with family and friends in your home country. We suggest sharing a copy of your tour itinerary with return flight schedules, names of the cities, and accommodation arrangements.
• Dress locally. We advise having loose-fitting long-sleeved dresses and women to have a scarf that covers the head and shoulders. T-shirts and sleeveless dresses are prohibited to everyone across the country and especially going into the villages and city markets.
• Please do not carry excess and expensive jewelry. If you wish to buy souvenirs in Afghanistan, buy from the stores/ handicraft shops which are authorized and that sell legally. In addition, buying or exporting historical antiquities without a receipt and from an unauthorized dealer is considered illegal; therefore, always ask your travel guide for advice.
• Alcohol is not allowed in the country so make sure not to carry alcohol or anything that can cause you trouble at arrival. Meanwhile, the use of narcotics is prohibited in the country FYI.
• Please keep cash with you and a money belt. The Debit/ Credit cards (Visa, Mastercard etc.) do not operate in Afghanistan. You can either convert into Afghani in your home country or at the airport in Kabul. You can also ask the tour guide to help with currency conversion upon arrival.
• Always travel with a local tour guide. This includes travel to the tourist attractions, villages, local markets etc.
• Before taking photos of tourist sites (historical buildings, mosques etc.) and local people, make sure to seek the consent of the responsible person/ people. Taking photos of government buildings, military personnel, and military installations is prohibited.
• Women travelers/ tourists should avoid hand-shake with the local men and vice versa. It is a cultural and religious practice not a health and safety concern.
• Avoid traveling late evening or midnight and always ask the driver/ guide about the route. We advise you to always take the route as per the driver/ travel guide for safety purposes.
• Carry hand sanitizers, sunscreen, water, and snacks while traveling within the country. The road travel can be long but the scenery/ landscape is wonderful.
• Homosexuality is prevented in Afghanistan; therefore, we advise avoiding any such expression in public that can cause trouble.
• Pack a night before your flight and have a good rest. 

Last update : January 11th, 2023 

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