Alaman Ulak, an ancient national Kyrgyz game


Alaman Ulak is one of the ancient national Kyrgyz games, there are no uniform rules for the competition. 


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Aigul Kanatbekovna

26 February 2023

The prize is received by the player who grabs the carcass of a goat or calf in the middle of the circle and throws it in the intended place. The game is not for the faint of heart. Several hundred horsemen jostle at one point, with the aim of capturing the carcass. The most dexterous one manages to grab the carcass and carry it to the finish line. At the same time, several hundred other players are rushing after him.

In ancient times, the game was held in late autumn, when the harvest was over from the fields and the cattle were returned from pastures. The main prize was various livestock: horses and sheep.

Currently, the main prize can be a large sum of money or a car. In February 2023, a game was held in the Chatkal region in the south of the country, 3,000 people participated in it.