Hohhot Baita International Airport

Hohhot Baita International Airport

Inner MongoliaChina • 1084 m

Huh-Hoto Baita International Airport is a proud and important transportation link in the region, located just 14 kilometers east of the central part of Huh-Hoto, China. Considered the largest commercial airport in the area, it is not only a departure and arrival point, but also an important piece of infrastructure providing connectivity between cities in China and other countries.

The airport was named “Baita” after the historic White Pagoda Monument, located just five kilometers to the southeast. This monument, a symbol of cultural heritage, gives the airport a special flavor and significance.

At present, Huh-Hoto Baita International Airport maintains live air links with 28 cities in China through 26 scheduled air routes. It also serves regular flights to Ulaanbaatar and charters to airports in Hong Kong, South Korea, Russia and Thailand, providing passengers with a wide range of travel and business destinations.

Huh-Hoto Baita Airport is not only a place where travelers' and business travelers' paths intertwine, but also a key element of economic and tourism development in the region. Its modern facilities and extensive route network make it an integral part of China's air transportation and international aviation.