Instruction for tourists in China

Identity checks
The police carry out random identity checks. If you are unable to provide proper identification, you risk a fine or detention.

Always carry adequate identification documents, such as your passport and visa or valid residence permit; Keep a photocopy of your passport in a safe place in case you lose it or have it confiscated. If your passport is lost or stolen, go to the nearest police station or Public Security Bureau to report the incident and get information on the visa replacement procedure.

If you renew your passport while in China, you must promptly register your new passport with the authorities. If you don't, you risk a fine.

In mainland China and Macau, there are no restrictions on the consumption of alcohol that is over the counter. However, the state of intoxication is punished in the event of disturbing public order and indecent or unethical acts (several cases of foreigners imprisoned for one to three days have been reported). In Hong Kong, the sale of alcohol is prohibited to those under the age of 18.

Local regulations must be observed under penalty of prosecution. Taking photographs is prohibited in the vicinity of official enclosures, in particular military sites, as well as on certain sites (which may not be marked). It is also limited in places of worship.

Importing drones requires a prior customs declaration. Drones must be registered with the Chinese Civil Aviation Administration. It is important to inquire about the regulations regarding their use as there are many local restrictions.

The use of GPS has become widespread in China, where many cars are equipped with it. The recording of geographic coordinates in sensitive or restricted areas is, however, prohibited and liable to fines or even arrest.

Political / activist activities
Any political / militant activity should be abstained at the risk of exposing oneself to heavy sanctions (imprisonment, deportation, ban on returning to China).

The removal of any antiquity from the territory is prohibited.

Uses and customs
It is recommended to adopt an attitude and dress respectful of local customs. Covering outfits are preferred.

Means of payment
The means of payment must be kept in a safe place. It is also strongly recommended that you have sufficient cash on your person and separately to deal with loss or theft of means of payment. The provision of cash (Western Union, money order for example) is only possible on a bank account opened in China (personal account or account of a third party).

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