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Batay Aral (Song Kul)

Kyrgyz family in front of a yurt near Song Kul lake
Pierre Armand Dussex

Naryn RegionKyrgyzstan • 3090 m

Vibrant with life, lush with mountain scenery, the resrve of Batay Aral are yours discover. On the shores of the lake do not grow tall trees, spruce, fir, but only here you will be able to please the eye immense heaps of edelweises (the Red Book), as well as a great many other bright, elegant and sometimes vey rare flowers. These floral oasis above are moving in the alpine meadows. In addition, the shore of the lake is home of 66 species of waterfowl, which are usually held here from May to September. Ornithologists come here, especially studying the livehoods of ducks, of which there are 14 species.

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