Palatka peak

Peak Palatka, Teskei Alatoo range, Kyrgyzstan
Nomad's Land

Issyk Kul regionKyrgyzstan • 4733 m

Peak Palatka, which translates from Russian as "tent peak," presents a magnificent sight from the Altyn Arashan valley. Its snowy north wall poses a formidable challenge reserved for experienced climbers, while the southern face, accessible from the Sary Chat valley and across the Sary Chat glacier, offers a relatively easier ascent.

With an altitude of 4733 meters, it presides over the Chong Kulduruk gorge, forming part of the breathtaking Teskei Alatoo range and the Karakol region. As the highest point of the one-kilometer roof of the tent-shaped massif, Peak Palatka stands prominently on the western side, adding to the allure of this stunning natural landscape.