Peak Ittish

Introducing Peak Ittish, an awe-inspiring mountain peak that stands proudly at an altitude of 4808 meters in the breathtaking Kyrgyz landscape. Translating to "head of dog" in the local language, this snowy summit offers an unforgettable mountaineering experience like no other.
Glavnyi Ryzhyi

Issyk Kul region β€’ Kyrgyzstan β€’ 4808 m

The majestic Peak Ittish, a snowy peak standing at an impressive altitude of 4808 meters in Kyrgyzstan. Known as the "head of dog" in the local language, this peak offers a breathtaking mountaineering experience. Surrounding the glacier Ittish, ten peaks enhance the natural beauty of the region, situated in the Juku valley. On the east side, a steep track leads to the Ittish pass, situated at 3880 meters, granting access to ten small mountain lakes that connect the Juku valley with the Syrt Arabel-Suu region.