Guest House
Emir Guesthouse

At our guesthouse located at the foot of the stunning red rocks of Jeti Oguz valley, we offer a unique experience that combines comfort and adventure. With our proximity to the sanatorium, guests can enjoy the convenience of the nearby facilities while still feeling surrounded by nature and serenity.
One of the main draws of our guesthouse is the delicious local food we serve. From traditional Kyrgyz dishes to modern international cuisine, we use the freshest ingredients to create mouth-watering meals that satisfy every palate.
For those seeking outdoor thrills, our location provides easy access to a variety of activities. Guests can hike through the snow-covered mountains to a yurt camp and experience the authentic Kyrgyz nomadic lifestyle. Alternatively, they can skitour or snowshoe through the peaceful forests. And for those who appreciate the beauty of frozen waterfalls, there is an interesting one to explore nearby.
At our guesthouse, we pride ourselves on providing a warm and welcoming atmosphere that allows guests to relax and recharge after a day of adventure. With our comfortable accommodations and exceptional hospitality, we offer a truly unforgettable experience that leaves guests wanting more.

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