All year around yurt camp at Song Kul Lake

Winter yurts at Song Koul Lake are open for visitors from December to April and are located near the frozen Song Koul Lake. Summer is a place full of life filled with shepherds, flocks and travelers, but in winter, nature takes back its rights, and no one lives at the edge of the lake which freezes completely and whose landscape is transforms into arctic tundra with nights that can go down to -40 ° C in the heart of winter. 

An exceptional landscape of adventure with polar climatic conditions is then offered to the rare visitors. To get there, you will have to spend 6 hours on horseback or snowshoes and cross a pass at 3200m altitude. 

The Nomad's Land eco-touristic agency, which has developed this extraordinary adventure, will be happy to organize it for you. The number of places is limited to 12 people, distributed in 2 yurts of 6 well heated beds, connected to a refectory / main kitchen yurt. 

The result is unique and allows you to enjoy the magic of the place comfortably. We sleep on comfortable beds made of pallets and the meals on offer are plentiful. No showers, and the toilets are latrines away from the camp. Solar electricity, no cellular network or Wi-Fi. Yurts only welcome travelers by reservation.

Double Room:

$ 43

Triple Room:

$ 65

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