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<span>Instructions for tourists in Kyrgyzstan</span>


Instructions for tourists in Kyrgyzstan

Documents and police controls:

Kyrgyz law requires that everyone be in possession of their documents (passport, visa or copy thereof). It is very rare to be checked in villages. In the event of illegal treatment by police officials, you must call your embassy or consulate. Never give your documents to the police representative, show them only. A police officer must be in uniform to control you. You can require an interpreter and a lawyer if you wish.

<span>Dos and dont's in Kyrgyzstan</span>


Dos and dont's in Kyrgyzstan

These will help you be prepared and have a wonderful tour in multi-cultural and multi-religious country. Around 80 different ethnic groups are living in harmony. Here's a list of things to do and not do when traveling to Kyrgyzstan:

To Do:

<span>Wildlife encounters in Kyrgyzstan</span>


Wildlife encounters in Kyrgyzstan

Getting up close to wildlife and birds in their natural habitat is one of the great joys of hiking. Although the number of predators, some of which are protected, is constantly increasing, aggressive or violent encounters with the population in Kyrgyzstan is very rare.

The code of conduct we have adopted is as follows:

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