Culture in Kyrgyzstan

The Kyrgyz culture has been greatly influenced by the nomadic heritage. It is reflected in the way a household was run, in customs, and rites. People decorated their homes with items that were both beautiful and practical. The masterpiece of folk creation is the Kyrgyz yurta (yourt, yurt, tent), which was easy to assemble and transport from place to place.

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17 May 2024 Festivals

The Mongolian Altai Eagle Festival

Nestled in the village of Altai, within the Bayan-Ölgii Province of Mongolia, the Altai Eagle Festival is a unique and captivating annual event in early September. This festival offers a rare glimpse into the rich cultural heritage and stunning natural beauty of the region.

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Samuel Maret

9 December 2023 Blog

Toguz Korgool is a Kyrgyz folk game

The first records of this game were found in the Egyptian pyramids, about 7 thousand years old. Ancient Egyptian drawings show that the most avid players were African traders, who spent not a little free time playing the game while waiting for their cargoes or during long journeys.

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Aibek Asanbaev

11 November 2023 Blog

"Ordo" - Kyrgyz national game

Ordo is one of the most widespread games of the Kyrgyz people, which has survived from ancient times to the present day. The word "ordo" itself means "Khan's stake, khan's palace". The game reproduces the battle for capturing the stake.

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Aibek Asanbaev