chong-jargylchak village
Samuel Mare

Issyk Kul region β€’ Kyrgyzstan β€’ 1784 m

Chon-Zhargylchak village, located in Jeti-Oguz District of Kyrgyzstan. Approximately 1,052 people will be living in Chon-Jargylchak village by 2024. It is a small village, but it is rich in culture, traditions and hospitality of its inhabitants.

The rural population of Chon-Zhargylchak is mainly engaged in agriculture, herding, and handicrafts. The villagers are proud of their traditional methods of cultivating the land and growing cultivated plants, and have passed their handicrafts from generation to generation.

The village is also famous for its cultural heritage reflected in its architecture, crafts and traditional festivals. The locals actively participate in festivals and events, preserving and passing on ancient customs and rituals.

Despite its small size, the village of Chon-Jargylchak is an important center for its residents, providing a cozy and close-knit community, as well as excellent opportunities for farming and recreation surrounded by beautiful nature.