Tümen Ekh Ensemble

The Tumen Ekh Ensemble is one of Mongolia's premier traditional performing arts groups, renowned for its vibrant and authentic presentations of Mongolian music, dance, and cultural heritage. Established to preserve and promote the rich folklore and traditions of Mongolia, the ensemble has garnered both national and international acclaim.

Tumen Ekh is the name of a revered traditional long song that opens ceremonies and festivals.

Tumen Ekh means ‘leader of ten thousand’.

Tumen Ekh is the title bestowed upon the fastest race horse in Mongolia, a symbol of power and speed.

Tumen Ekh is also the name of Mongolia’s best folk song and dance ensemble.

Wide array of traditional Mongolian music

The ensemble features a wide array of traditional Mongolian music, including performances of the morin khuur (horsehead fiddle), the yatga (zither), and other traditional instruments. The music often incorporates throat singing (khoomei), a unique Mongolian vocal technique. Tumen Ekh's dancers perform traditional Mongolian dances, characterized by intricate footwork, expressive movements, and colorful costumes. These dances often depict aspects of daily life, historical events, and nature. Additionally, the ensemble performs a variety of folk songs and epic poetry recitations, preserving the oral traditions of Mongolia and telling stories of heroic deeds, legendary figures, and the beauty of the Mongolian landscape.

Mongolian cultural heritage

Tumen Ekh plays a crucial role in preserving and revitalizing Mongolian cultural heritage. By showcasing traditional arts, the ensemble ensures that these practices are passed down to future generations. Serving as a cultural ambassador for Mongolia, Tumen Ekh performs at international festivals, cultural exchanges, and events around the world, promoting a greater understanding and appreciation of Mongolian culture globally. The ensemble also engages in educational activities, offering workshops and classes in traditional music, dance, and crafts to nurture new talent and keep traditional arts alive.

The ensemble performs regularly in Ulaanbaatar, often at venues like the State Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet and the National Academic Drama Theatre. These performances are popular with both locals and tourists, providing an accessible way to experience Mongolian culture. Tumen Ekh has toured extensively, participating in cultural festivals and events worldwide, receiving acclaim for their authenticity, skill, and vibrant depiction of Mongolian traditions.

A vital institution in Mongolia

The Tumen Ekh Ensemble is a vital institution in Mongolia, dedicated to preserving and promoting the country’s rich cultural heritage. Through its performances of traditional music, dance, and folklore, Tumen Ekh offers audiences a window into the unique and fascinating world of Mongolian culture. Whether you are in Mongolia or attending one of their international performances, experiencing the Tumen Ekh Ensemble is a must for anyone interested in the cultural traditions of this remarkable country.

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