Instruction for tourists in Mongolia

Mongolia is a fascinating country for its culture, history, traditions and variety of landscapes. It is a country still unknown and little visited by travelers.
Visitors should not leave without having seen or tasted certain things that only exist in Mongolia: fermented mare's milk; a hike in the Gobi desert, on horseback or on camel back; see an eagle hunting training or a nomadic festival; sleep in a yurt; listen to a throat singing; discover Buddhist sites; and more.
Before leaving, soak up the history of Gengiz Khan or the journeys of Marco Polo.
Nomadic life is tough outside the capital Ulan Baator, so don't expect to ride on good roads, or a lot of comfort in yurts.
It's hot in summer, mosquitoes are waiting for you, and you have to protect yourself from the sun and drink enough not to get dehydrated.

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