Tribhuvan International Airport

Tribhuvan International Airport
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BagmatiNepal • 1338 m

Amidst the majestic mountains of Nepal, in the dense clouds, sits an airport that has come to symbolize modern aviation in this mystical country - Tribhuvan International Airport. Located just 5.56 kilometers east of Nepal's cultural capital, Kathmandu, it bears the name of the great King Tribhuvan, who has become an eponym for this important air hub.

Tribhuvan Airport rises 1338 meters above sea level like a sentinel guarding the entrance to Nepal's airspace. Its single concrete paved runway measuring 3050 x 45 meters serves as a platform for dreams and adventures, connecting this country to the world.

The history of Tribhuvan Airport goes back in time - it was originally named after the area in which it is located as Gaucharan. However, in 1955, it was renamed in honor of King Tribhuvan, who had passed away shortly before. This gesture symbolized not only the memory of the great ruler but also the beginning of a new era for Nepal's aviation.

The first airplane that landed at the airport in 1949 marked the beginning of air transportation in Nepal. Since 1964, Tribhuvan Airport has been declared an international airport, opening the doors of this amazing country to international travelers and business people.

Tribhuvan International Airport has become not just an entrance to Nepal, but a symbol of Nepal's hospitality and openness to the world. With its history and unique location, it aims to make traveling to this fascinating country more convenient and accessible for all those who dream of experiencing the beauty of the Himalayas and the adventurous spirit of Nepal.