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The city of Bhaktapur, steeped in the atmosphere of ancient temples and ancient streets, is located just 7 km east of Kathmandu, and is a true treasure of Nepal. This town, though quieter compared to the bustling capital, Kathmandu, but its attractions are no less amazing and attractive.

Bhaktapur was once the prosperous capital of an independent kingdom that split into three parts. Today, it has retained its unique spirit and has become a place where time stands still and history comes alive in every stone and pattern.

Most tourists prefer to visit Bhaktapur during the day to enjoy its magnificent sights. However, if you are lucky enough to spend a night here, you will quickly feel the good fortune of being virtually alone with this amazing city where something new and amazing lurks around every corner.

You could spend weeks here, delving into exploring every block, every temple and every narrow street. Local life here is more authentic and you'll be thrilled to experience local festivals and celebrations, including the famous Nepali New Year, Bisket Jatra. This week-long festival, which takes place in mid-April each year, will immerse you in an atmosphere of joy, celebration and ancient traditions, making your stay in Bhaktapur truly memorable.