The great stupa of Katmandu
Simon Darioli

BagmatiNepal • 1330 m

Bodhnath is one of the most majestic and sacred sites in Nepal, as well as one of the largest Buddhist shrines in the world. Located in the Nepalese capital of Kathmandu, this historic temple attracts thousands of pilgrims, travelers and inquisitive souls from all over the world.

The center of attention at Bodhnath is its impressive stupa, which stands over 36 meters tall. This monumental structure is decorated with traditional Tibetan prayer flags, numerous Buddha images and symbols of the Buddhist faith. The stupa serves as a place of meditation, worship and contemplation for Buddhists, and inspires all visitors with its powerful energy and tranquility.

Monasteries, temples, souvenir stores and cafes surround the stupa, creating an atmosphere of sacred and cultural diversity. Every day, worship rituals, prayers and ceremonies can be witnessed at Bodhnath, with both locals and visiting pilgrims participating.

Apart from its religious significance, Bodhnath is also a place where people meet and share cultural experiences. People of different nationalities and faiths converge here to share their thoughts, practices and learn something new about the world of Buddhism.

A visit to Bodhnath is not only a spiritual journey, but also an immersion in an atmosphere of wisdom, peace and harmony that is intertwined with the beauty and richness of Nepal's cultural heritage.