Naltar valley

Village on the foot of the ski resort of Naltar
Nomad's Land

Gilgit-BaltistanPakistan • 2900 m

The Naltar Valley is located 34 km from the town of Gilgit. Its nature is very rich and in 1975 a protected area was created. The reserve is covered with forests, mixed mountain forests, deciduous and coniferous. Coniferous species present include Picea and Juniperus. Among the trees present are Fraxinus, Olesya, Pistachio, Sagere, Bettiaula, Salix, Populus and Krascheninnikovia ceratoides. Some herbs that grow here and there include Artemisia, Haloxylon and Stipa.

The reserve is home to several species of astor markhor and one species of endangered wild goat. Other large mammals present here include alpine ibex, snow leopard, brown bear, grey wolf, red fox, beech marten and leopard cat. Nearly 35 species of birds have been recorded in the valley, including the Brooks' Warbler.

There are five lakes in the Naltar Valley known as Satrangi Lake, Halima Lake, Bodo Lake, Dhudia Lake, Pari Lake and Blue Lake. 

In winter, the Naltar ski resort organises international ski races.