Dzharty-Gumbez (Jarty Gumbez)

Gorno-BadakhshanTajikistan • 4164 m

On the edge of the world, among the vast expanses of the Alichur-Yug Range, there is a small farm, modestly and mysteriously called Jarti-Gumbez. This is a place where time stands still and history whispers its secrets through the centuries.

Archaeologists have come to the conclusion that Jarti-Gumbez was home to generations of people long before our era, back in the Bronze Age. They have unearthed evidence of the Scythian era that has left its mark on the land. We can only imagine what stories and destinies each stone, each object discovered under the layer of time hides.

But Jarty Gumbez is not only a place of ancient artifacts. It is a place where nature lavishes its bounty. Amidst the arid landscape stretches a sulphurous hot spring, like an oasis in the desert, calling tired travelers to rest and renewal.

Life in this village flowed calmly and measuredly, as if in an ancient fairy tale. Ten houses, each with its own history and its own inhabitants, created a cozy family nest at the edge of the world. Hospitable residents are always happy to host travelers, share warm stories and a cup of fragrant tea.

Not far from the village, at a distance of one and a half kilometers to the north, is sheltered an old cemetery, where the souls of ancestors rest. This is a place where silence is permeated with eternity and the wind carries the whispers of the past.

Dzharty Gumbez is not just a farm on the map. It is a place where history and nature meet, where the memory of the past and hope for the future live. It is a place where every stone tells its own story, and every breath of wind brings new mysteries and secrets.