Chorsu bazaar

Spices, Chorsu Basar
Peter Krimbacher

TashkentUzbekistan • 435 m

The Chorsu Bazaar in Tashkent (Chorsu market) is located on the main square of the city Eski-Juva. Despite the modern look that this market has today, the history of Chorsu Market goes back centuries. About 2 millennia ago, an ancient settlement was founded in these regions, the center of which, according to legend, was the bazaar. Over time, a fair was formed, during which an active exchange of goods began, merchants from different parts of Central Asia flocked here. For a time, the bazaar became the center of life, and to this day Chorsu, located at the intersection of 4 shopping streets, attracts visitors with fragrant fresh fruits, oriental sweets and colorful Uzbek souvenirs.