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Discover Kyrgyzstan: A Video by Nomad's Land and Alpage Productions

We are excited to share this amazing short movie made by Pierre-Armand Dussex (Alpage Productions) during his last visit in Kyrgyzstan this summer.

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3 December 2014

In a little bit more than 4 minutes, you will have a glimpse of the real Kyrgyz nomadic lifestyle, the road to the incredibly beautiful Song Kul's lake, a woman milking the horses, get pulled by the perfect simplicity of the yurts, and the awesome personality of the falconer.

No doubt that you will enjoy the fantastic beauty of Kyrgyz panoramas, from the gorgeous Naryn region up to the majestic Issyk Kul lake. 

So, just relax and start your journey while hearing a great song from the Kyrgyz superstar Yulia Rutskaya.

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