Our Team Meet with Bakyt

Hello dear guest! My name is Bakyt! I born in Kyrgyzstan. I like to meet with different people around world, learning about other cultures, traditions, and telling about culture and history of my country.



Spoken languages
English, French, Kyrgyz, Russian
Horseback riding, Culture

I am a man in love with nature. I love to discover new unexplored places.
If you decide to visit Kyrgyzstan, discover amazing places and traditions, I will be happy to help with your trip to Kyrgyzstan! I like to build an unusual custom tours by adding your personal touch to the tour. I offer a cultural, trekking and horse riding tours in Kyrgyzstan!
My mainly interest is to discover new destinations
I speak the following languages: English, French, Kyrgyz, Russian.
Nomadically yours,

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