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2 séjours ski et montagne avec Nomad's Land avec toujours le même plaisir et la même convivialité, je recommande


In my first trip to Kyrgyzstan I couldn't have hoped for more in less time. This company and specially his guide, Mikel, provided more than everything we needed to make this not just a holiday or a trip but a wonderful overall experience. Mikel was superb friendly, knowledgeable, emphatic, with superior problem-solving skills (there were a few unexpected bits as you would expect in this kind of trips but thanks to him they were even enjoyable!), top professional and with everything you could expect from a mountain guide. In fact he will exceed your expectations. Thanks Nomad's Land for being such a fantastic company and specially to Mikel for making every second delightful. P.S. If you ever talk to Mikel, ask him to tell you about 'carronhita'!