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1000 km of Unknown

Freres Hublot avec Alexis Lopez

Discover Kyrgyzstan in traveler mode from 1900. Alexis Lopez goes on the trail of Ella Maillart and tells us the first part of his adventure.


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Samuel Maret

14 октября 2022
Les Frères Hublot - voyager en mode 1900
Alexis Lopez - Frères Hublot

In the footsteps of Ella Maillart

Alexis Lopez is an adventurer and a reporter. After a long trip to Siberia, where he had to survive in nature, Alexis arrives in Kyrgyzstan. He starts from the Kyrgyz capital and he goes by train to the great lake Issyk Kul where he meets a shaman who will give him serenity for the rest of his trip.

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