"Ordo" - Kyrgyz national game

"Ordo" - Juego nacional kirguรญs

Ordo is one of the most widespread games of the Kyrgyz people, which has survived from ancient times to the present day. The word "ordo" itself means "Khan's stake, khan's palace". The game reproduces the battle for capturing the stake.

The game of ordo represented a kind of military map, with the help of which warriors were trained how to defeat the enemy. A circle drawn on the ground signified the territory of the state, and rivals worked out a battle plan. Knocking out the khan meant toppling the ruler from the throne.

The game is also based on the ability to conduct the correct internal policy, which is characterized by the observance of caution, being already inside the circle, i.e. in power.

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11 November 2023
"Ordo" - Kyrgyz national game

Rules of the national game of ordo

There are 10 participants: 7 players, 1 substitute player, a coach and a team leader.

The game starts with the drawing of lots. To do this, each captain takes one left-handed alchiku. Throwing them above their heads, the referee determines the team that will start the game. The team whose alchik lands on the "aykาฏr" or "tava" side will start the game.

The game lasts for two hours. It begins with a ceremonial greeting of the teams.

Five alchiks are placed for each player, and each player is entitled to three strikes. If a player knocks out an alchik, he continues his throws until he makes a mistake. In the game it is necessary to step correctly on the line of the circle, in all cases the toe should be directed to the centre of the circle. As a player entered the circle with the same toe, he must continue the game with the same toe. If a player breaks the rules by taking another tompo or makes a mistake when hitting or flicking, the referee decides to stop the game. If during the game the players of one team knock out all the alchiks and khan, the game is passed to the second team. If, in turn, the second team also knocks out all the alchiks and khan, the game ends in a draw and starts again. If the second team fails to knock out all the alchiks and khan, then the first team is considered the winner and is given a malak. The team that received the malak may not take any alchik.

If the khan is knocked out in the allotted time and the game has to start again, the losing team's alchiks are counted as follows:

- 5 alchiks - three complete games;
- 4 alchiks - three knockout games;
- 3 alchiks - two complete games;
- 2 alchiks - one knockout game;
- 1 alchik - one game.

A knockout game is given to only one player.

In the team championship the places taken are determined by points.

The team with the most points takes the first place.

The team that knocked out all alchiks and khan during one kona is awarded 3 points. For a regular victory by the difference of alchiks 2 points are given. For a draw 1 point. For a loss 0 points.

Equipment and inventory

The tools of the game of ordo are considered to be the tompoi, alchiki and khan. Tompoi and alchiki must be without cut or broken parts. The tompoi should look new and be free of scuffs.

A one penny coin may be used for the khan.

Judges must have a measuring stick 40 centimetres long, painted red on one side and yellow on the other.