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Khan Shatyr

"Khan Shatyr" (as some mistakenly believe, translated from Kazakh into Russian "Khan's tent", but in fact this is a phrase from the series "Tsar Bell", "Tsar Cannon", that is, Khan Shatyr - "Khan among tents ") Is a large shopping and entertainment center in the capital of Kazakhstan, Nur-Sultan. Opened July 6, 2010. It is the largest tent in the world. "Khan Shatyr" entered the Guinness Book of Records

The total area of ​​Khan Shatyr is 127 thousand square meters. The premises are home to retail and entertainment complexes. Including a supermarket, a family park, cafes and restaurants, cinemas, gyms, a water park with an artificial beach and wave pools, service and office space, parking for 700 cars and much more. The main highlight of Khan Shatyr is a beach resort with a tropical climate, plants and a temperature of +35 degrees all year round. The sandy beaches of the resort are equipped with a heating system, which gives the feeling of a real beach, and the sand is brought from the Maldives.

The architect of the building is Norman Foster.

The building is a giant 150 m high tent (spire) constructed from a network of steel cables on which a transparent ETFE polymer coating is fixed. Due to its special chemical composition, it protects the inner space of the complex from sudden temperature changes and creates a comfortable microclimate inside the complex.

Khan Shatyr entered the top ten world eco-buildings according to Forbes Style magazine, becoming the only building from all over the CIS, which the magazine considered possible to include in its list.

Source: Wikipedia

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