Dzungarian Alatau

The Dzungarian Alatau is a mountain range located on the border of the Almaty region of Kazakhstan.
Aisulu N. for Nomad's Land

Southeast Kazakhstan β€’ Kazakhstan β€’ 4622 m

The Dzungarian Alatau, also known as the Dzungarian Range, is a mountain range located in Central Asia. It extends through the territories of Kazakhstan, China, and Mongolia. The name "Dzungar" comes from the name of the ethno-cultural group that lived in these areas.

The Dzungar Alatau is a part of the Tien Shan mountain system, which includes several ridges and mountain ranges. This range is characterized by beautiful landscapes, including high mountain peaks, deep gorges, glaciers, and mountain rivers.

The Dzungarian Alatau region is a natural refuge for a variety of plants and animals, including snow leopard, mountain sheep, ibex and various bird species. It is also home to a variety of ecosystems including forests, grasslands, and alpine pastures.

Dzungarian Alatau attracts tourists and outdoor enthusiasts with its climbing, hiking, trekking, climbing and snow sports. The region is also rich in cultural heritage and historical sites connected with the peoples living in the area.

The Dzungarian Alatau is a unique and beautiful mountainous area with rich biodiversity and opportunities for outdoor activities, making it a popular destination for tourism and nature exploration.