Altai city - Govi Altai

Altai, Mongolia

Govi-Altai β€’ Mongolia β€’ 2180 m

Altai is a small town of 16,000 inhabitants and the capital of the province of Gobi-Altai, also called YesΓΆnbulag.

The city is located nearly 1000 km southwest of Ulan Bator, and 2180 meters above sea level, making it the highest city in Mongolia.

Altai Airport has a dirt runway that regularly serves Arvaikheer and Ulaanbaatar.

The central Altai Square is named after Janchiv, a Mongolian hero who died in the 1945 Liberation War during the Japanese invasion of the Janchkhuu Pass. There is also a statue of Janchiv Baatar walking towards a bright future with his rifle in hand. In addition, another unique monument in Janchiv Square is the statue of "Zulai Tsagaan Altai", Mongolian composer and poet, whose works can be heard at the Altai Ensemble Theater, which is the hallmark of the Musical and Dramatic Theater of Gobi-Altai, is a unique architectural building. But the main visit is the "Aimag Central Museum of Local Traditions" has a rich collection of exhibits on the history, traditions, people, customs, life and celebrities of Altai, as well as on the formations geological and minerals of the aimag.