ZavkhanMongolia • 1758 m

Ulyastai is not only the historical heritage of Mongolia, but also a living page in the history of this amazing country. Located in a picturesque valley surrounded by the mighty Khangai Mountains, Ulyastai attracts attention with its rich cultural heritage and majestic nature.

One of the three oldest settlements in Mongolia, Ulyastai has over time become an important caravanserai connecting Ulaanbaatar and Hovd in the west. Its historical significance is reflected in its architecture and cultural traditions, which are still alive and important to the local people.

When you visit Ulyastai, you can immerse yourself in the rich history of the place by visiting the People's Museum and the Zavkhan Provincial History Museum. Here you will learn about the life and customs of the Mongolian people, their traditions and beliefs, important events and personalities that have left a mark on the history of this region.

But Ulyastai is not only a place to immerse yourself in history, but also to enjoy the beauty of nature. Surrounded by mountains and punctuated by picturesque valleys and rivers, this corner of Mongolia offers unique opportunities for hiking, horseback riding and outdoor recreation.

Ulyastai is a place where history and nature merge, where every stone, every hill, every river holds its own history and meaning. It is a place that invites you on a fascinating journey into Mongolia's past and present to discover its secrets and charms.