Dayan Lake

lake dayan Mongolia

Bayan-Γ–lgii β€’ Mongolia β€’ 2232 m

Dayan Lake, a freshwater mountain lake, is situated in the Sagsai district of the Bayan-Γ–lgii Province in western Mongolia. Recognized by BirdLife International as an Important Bird Area since 2009, the lake is nestled within the Altai Tavan Bogd National Park. Covering an expansive 67 square kilometers with a depth of 4 meters, Dayan Lake offers a picturesque landscape.

The lake remains frozen from October to June, creating a habitat for various wildlife, including wolves, red foxes, and Pallas's cat. The surroundings showcase the Altai Mountains, making it a potential site of interest for ecotourism. The northwestern coast is bordered by the scenic snowy slopes of the Under-Khairkhan-Uul mountain range, while the eastern and southern shores feature dunes and deciduous forests. The area is surrounded by a cascade of lakes, including small karst formations.

Visitors to Dayan Lake can marvel at the stunning views of mountain glaciers and the base of the Mongolian Altai range. Exploring the beauty of these landscapes provides an opportunity to connect with nomadic communities. Nomads, welcoming weary travelers into their yurts, offer traditional dishes from local cuisine, creating a unique and enriching experience.