Khövsgöl Nuur

Khuvsgul Lake

KhövsgölMongolia • 1645 m

Khubsugul is the largest freshwater lake in Mongolia, located in the north of the country in the foothills of the Khubsugul ridge. Lake Khubsugul is known for its beauty and purity of water, which is transparent to a depth of more than 20 meters. It is surrounded by picturesque mountain landscapes covered with dense forests of pine and deciduous trees. The lake is famous for its rich variety of fish, including tuguns, whitefish and other species.

Khubsugol is a popular tourist destination attracting both holidaymakers and travelers. During the summer, you can enjoy various activities such as swimming, kayaking, fishing and hiking in the surrounding area. During the winter, the lake freezes into beautiful ice formations and becomes a popular destination for ice fishing and skiing.

Khubsugul is not only a holiday destination, but also an important source of fresh water and biodiversity for Mongolia. The protection and conservation of this unique natural resource plays a key role in its future conservation and sustainable development.