Khatlon RegionTajikistan • 431 m

Qurghonteppa is the third largest city in Tajikistan and the capital of Khatlon province. It is located in the Vakhsh Valley in southwestern Tajikistan, 119 km south of the capital Dushanbe. According to ancient sources, Qurghonteppa appeared during the time of the Kushan Empire and could be the ancient Levakand. These places were famous for the good arrows and a special breed of sheep. Archaeologists have discovered here pipes from an ancient aqueduct, wells made with bricks, fortress walls with towers. 12 km east of Kurgan-Tube, on Ajina -Teppe hill, there are the remains of a Buddhist monastery (shrines, cells, stupas, sculptures, murals), including a figure of the reclining Buddha 12 meters long.