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<span>Culture in Uzbekistan</span>

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Culture in Uzbekistan

Uzbek culture is very rich, not only by museums towns, but also by the mix of people for thousands of years.

The visitor  is perplexed after visits of Khiva, Samarkand and Bukhara. These museums-cities have been remarkably restored.

<span>Flora and Fauna in Uzbekistan</span>

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Flora and Fauna in Uzbekistan

Most of the country is desert and steppe, dominated by an artemisia, a salsola, a sand acacia, a saxaul and a tamarisk. The vegetation of river valleys that occur on dry plains, is fundamentally different from the surrounding desert vegetation. Here there are forests "tugai", where there are a poplar, a willow and a mulberry. In the eastern part of Uzbekistan on the slopes extend broadleaf forests of nut trees, a maple, a birch, an ash and a poplar.

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