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Jeti Oguz

The new Jeti Oguz District Tourism Association was created on 2nd of March 2023 with the support of Nomad's Land Ecotourism Development Company and the Mountain Cluster Association of Kyrgyzstan.

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Samuel Maret

3 March 2023

The population gathered and united around a single tourist association

The population gathered and united around a single tourism association covering the Jeti Oguz district of Kyrgyzstan. In early February 2023, a meeting was held in the village of Kyzyl Suu, the district capital, with about 30 people supporting the idea of creating a tourism-based community and a Destination Management Organization. On 2 March 2023, the Red Mountains Association was established with the support of the district population and local authorities, and today it has 107 members. On 3 March, the inauguration of the new offices in Kyzyl Suu was held. 


Our partnership

Nomad's Land has been active in the Jeti Oguz district since 2004. Since the beginning, we have developed new products, created new partnerships with the tourism value chain, trained equestrian guides, yurt camp and guest house owners, and more. This partnership will increase the number of tourists to this region while increasing the income of the local community, while preserving the natural resources.