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Salkyn-Tor national park

Naryn Chaar valley
Nomad's Land

Naryn RegionKyrgyzstan • 2200 m

Salkyn-Tor National Park is located on the forested northern slope of the Naryn Too mountain range about 18 km east of the town of Naryn. The park was established in May 2001 and has an area of 104 km². It can be reached easily by the road up the Naryn River. The entrance fee to the park costs $ 1 per person.
One of the objectives of the park is to increase the local population of Maral, which has declined sharply since independence. Other animals inhabit the forests of the Naryn Range include roe deer, Eurasian lynx, and brown bear.
The lower part of the park is dominated by dense stands of Schrenk spruce mixed with Tian Shan rowan. It is interesting to observe species of wild rose, willow and barberry.

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