Kyzyl Suu

Kyzyl Suu Church
Anina Eggenberger for Nomad's Land

Issyk Kul regionKyrgyzstan • 1750 m

The chief-town of the district of Jeti Oguz, one of the largest district of Kyrgyzstan. With 5000 inhabitants it is a quite big village. Kyzyl Suu is situated 10 km away from Issyk-Kul-Lake. 

On the other side of the village are the Tien-Shan-Mountains. The village itself is a typical Kyrgyz village. You can go and enjoy the little bazaar or have a look at the mosque, as well as the old church. On Sundays, there is an interesting animal market. In the village you have everything you need. There are a few little stores, as well as a park. From this village you can start to different treks on foot or by horse. Other curiosities are : the quite near beach, hot springs and a sanatorium.