Nomadic Secrets

Culture tour in the heart of Kyrgyzstan

8 days, from Bishkek to Osh.

Off beaten tracks

This tour present inner Kyrgyzstan with most beautiful places. It was developed for a short visit of Kyrgyzstan with an extension to Uzbekistan.

8 Days โ€ข Discovery tours โ€ข Kyrgyzstan

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  • 3 people: $1,039

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  • 10 people: $628

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                                Manas International Airport - Bishkek
    Meeting at airport, visit of the capital and Ala Archa National park
    Manas International Airport - Bishkek
    Arrival in the morning at Bishkek international airport. After customs and immigration formalities, transfer (30 min) to the city center. Installation in a guest house for a few hours of rest. Drive to Ala Archa National Park. Colorful ride to the Aksai waterfall; picnic on the spot. Back to Bishkek for a first discovery of the city: the Red Square, the Flag, the Dubovy park and art gallery. Dinner in town and overnight in guest house.
    Breakfast Lunch Dinner
    164 km
    1570 m
    1470 m

                                Bishkek - Tamchy
    Bishkek โ€“ Tamchy
    Bishkek - Tamchy

    In the morning transfer to Tamchy that is situated on the shore of the Issyk-Kul Lake (hot lake), a pearl of Central Asia, the second biggest mountain lake in the world after the Titicaca Lake. On the way visit of the Burana Museum, the ancient capital of Central Asia of the 11th century called Balasagun. Arrival in Tamchy. Overnight at guesthouse.

    Breakfast Lunch Dinner
    280 km
    800 m
    0 m

                                Tamchy - Jeti Oguz valley
    Drive to Karakol and visit of the city, then drive to Jety-Oguz
    Tamchy - Jeti Oguz valley

    Transfer to Karakol. Visit of the Prjvalsky Memorial Complex. In order to understand the Kyrgyz people life of the 19th century visit of an orthodox church, a wooden mosque in Karakol. In the afternoon drive to Jety-Oguz Sanatorium, a very famous sanatorium of the Soviet time. Soviet president and famous astronauts visited it. There is an opportunity to take a radon shower and massage in the sanatorium. 

    Breakfast Lunch Dinner
    230 km
    800 m
    0 m

                                Jeti Oguz sanatorium - Tash Doeboe (Song Kul)
    Day driving to Song Kul's lake
    Jeti Oguz sanatorium - Tash Doeboe (Song Kul)

    In the morning departure from Jety-Oguz. Lunch  in Kochkor village where we can visit a handicraft center and see the process of making traditional Kyrgyz carpets. In the afternoon transfer to the Son-Kul Lake over Kalmak -Ashu Pass. Drive around the Son-Kul Lake to get to our yurt camp. Making the acquaintance with nomadic traditions. Overnight in yurts.  

    Breakfast Lunch Dinner
    369 km

                                Tash Doeboe (Song Kul) - Toktogul
    From Song Kul to Toktogul
    Tash Doeboe (Song Kul) - Toktogul
    Transfer to Chichkan gorge. Coming up to Kara-Keche canyon then to the colorful Kekemeren gorge via Chaek. Drive to the Susamyr Valley, a huge prairie where local nomads come in summer to herd their cattle (3440). Arrival at Toktogul village. Overnight in the homestay. 
    Breakfast Lunch Dinner
    352 km

                                Toktogul - Arslanbob village
    Day driving to Arslanbob village
    Toktogul - Arslanbob village

    Transfer to Arslanbob. Driving up to the Toktogul Dam. Picnic on the shore of the reservoir. then getting to the canyon raising over the Naryn River. On the main highway Osh-Bishkek drive to the Fergana Valley. Dinner in Djalal - Abad. Setting off for great walnut forests. Visiting a small waterfall sacred for local people. Overnight in homestay.

    Breakfast Lunch Dinner
    320 km

                                Arslanbob village - Osh
    Drive to Osh
    Arslanbob village - Osh

    To the West, cotton fields, the Fergana Valley welcomes us warm. Early departure of Arslanbob to Osh, Uzgen stop and visit of the minaret and mausoleums of the eleventh century. Then transfer to Osh. Visit of the city of Osh, the mausoleum of Babur and the throne of King Solomon. Overnight in guest house. 

    Breakfast Lunch Dinner
    190 km
    0 m
    0 m

                                Osh - Tashkent
    Osh - border Dostluk - Tashkent
    Osh - Tashkent

    After breakfast transfer to the border Dostlik. Meeting with Uzbek team. Transfer to Tashkent

    Breakfast Lunch Dinner
    420 km

    Travelling throughout Kyrgyzstan was a BiG adventure ! I'll never forget the mountains, the people,the yurts,the animals,the stars.... Thanks very much to Nomad's Land and specially to our guide Mikel who took good care of all us and made our travel an experience of a LiFETiME ! Hope to go back soon ,in winter for a ski tour :)


    Superb agency! The chef is great, the team is very competent and versatile and responds very quickly to my questions. This summer, I plan to return there and I am counting on the Nomad's Land team to organize part of my stay. Stay as professional as you are! Goodbye :)

    Gulshan EK


    What is included

    • All transportation in a private vehicle

    • All airport transfers

    • Accommodation as described in the program

    • Meals (3 per day)

    • Bottled water (when possible) & tea

    • English-speaking trekking guide

    • Pack horses with saddle bags & horsemen

    • Camping & cooking equipment (tents, mats, gas, stove, etc)

    • All the activities listed in the program

    • Entry fees at national parks and/or border zones listed in the program

    • Entry fees at museums and historical sites listed in the program

    • Domestic flights mentioned in the program

    • A contribution to our sustainable development projects

    • Organisation of the trip & local taxes

    What is not included

    • International flights

    • International banking fees (PayPal, ...)

    • Travel & repatriation insurance

    • Visas / LOI (if applicable)

    • Alcoholic and soft drinks

    • Personal expenses

    • Personal equipment (sleeping bag, headlight, personal medication, etc)

    • Additional costs due to unexpected personal events (health, loss of luggage, ...)

    • Tips for guide & driver (always optional, always appreciated)

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    Ecotourism projects

    Through various ecotourism projects and initiatives, Nomad's Land aims to increase awareness of ecotourism and responsible travel, for a sustainable development of the tourism sector.
    29 November 2023 Eco Projects

    Trainings for tourist facilities of Zheti Oguz district 2023

    On November 25-26, 2023 trainings were held in Kyzyl Suu for our owners of homestays and yurt camp from whole district Jeti Oguz

    The main objective was to increase the potential of the district's tourist facilities in order to ensure the criteria of sustainable tourism and promotion of the region. 

    Ayana Zholdoshbek

    29 May 2023 Eco Projects

    Teskei Geopark in Issyk Kul region

    By working together, Nomad's Land and Geopark Teskei can create a synergistic relationship that promotes sustainable tourism, conserves natural and cultural heritage, and benefits both the local communities and visitors. This collaboration allows for a responsible and enriching tourism experience while supporting the long-term preservation of the Geopark's unique features.

    Author picture

    Samuel Maret

    3 March 2023 Eco Projects

    Destination Jeti Oguz

    The new Jeti Oguz District Tourism Association was created on 2nd of March 2023 with the support of Nomad's Land Ecotourism Development Company and the Mountain Cluster Association of Kyrgyzstan.

    Author picture

    Samuel Maret