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2 November 2023 Blog

Uzbekistan: 5 Unmissable Tourist Ideas

Uzbekistan is a magical country with a rich history, beautiful nature, and warm-hearted inhabitants. It is brimming with incredible places and experiences awaiting tourists. We offer you five ideas for an unforgettable journey in Uzbekistan.

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Baktygul Kadyrbekova

8 June 2022 News

All restrictions related to the coronavirus pandemic have been lifted for allΒ  arriving in Uzbekistan

According to the decision of the Republican Special Commission, from June 10, 2022, temporary restrictions related to the coronavirus will be lifted on entering Uzbekistan by air, border stations and border checkpoints.

In this regard, the rules requiring foreign tourists to provide a negative PCR test result for coronavirus, a rapid test for coronavirus antigens and a vaccination certificate or passport are canceled.

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Baktygul Kadyrbekova

1 June 2022 Blog

Street art in art: The most famous works and the best representatives of style

Street arteries can be compared to futurists who created new art by protesting propaganda and academism. Street artists also blur the lines between professional and non-professional art. And the good of street art in Kyrgyzstan over time is accepted as art, not Β«vandalismΒ». Most of the work of interesting artists can be found on the walls of buildings or, fences and other places. In this blog we will show you and tell you about murals, as in Bishkek murals occupy a rather interesting part of street art. Murals are large beautiful images on the facades of buildings, usually very colorful.

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Baktygul Kadyrbekova

16 March 2022 News

Uzbekistan opens for foreign tourists from March 16!

In order to restore tourist flows with foreign countries as soon as possible, according to the decision of the Republican Commission, from March 16, 2022 in Uzbekistan:

* If you have passports/vaccination certificates for coronavirus infection, all persons are allowed to enter without PCR tests. In case of not having passports/ vaccination certificates, a person must have negative PCR test (with an electronic QR code), for a period of no more than 72 hours, or go to express tests when crossing the border or upon arrival on the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

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Baktygul Kadyrbekova

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