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Jeti-Oguz sanatorium

Since 1965 the soviet-era sanatorium  has been open all year round. The resort operates with 300 beds. Here you can choose a standard room with everything you need. There are superior rooms with a high level of comfort and luxury apartments. Patients and vacationers settle for 2-3 people in each room, which is very convenient for guests who come with their families. The price includes accommodation and 3 meals a day and basic treatment. The advantage of the sanatorium is the mineral waters, which contain a high level of radon. No other sources can compete with this composition, which is why Jety-Oguz is famous far beyond the borders of Kyrgyzstan. It is a real balneological resort. Along with the mountain climate, the main natural healing factors of the Jety-Oguz resort are mineral waters and therapeutic mud.
On the territory of the resort there is a therapeutic swimming pool and pump rooms for health drinking. These therapies have helped many people suffering from diseases such as nervous system disorders, skin problems, gynecological diseases and disorders of the musculoskeletal system. There is a cinema hall, a library, a billiard room.

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